Should we be doing business?

Not necessarily. Not all relationships make sense.

If you are always abreast with the latest developments in the PIM and printing industry and are continually exploring new production techniques and facilities, then you may not need us.

If your job management process produces consistently predicable results with a minimum of problems, then you probably don’t need Dickmeyer & Company.

But if you find you have a challenging, new print project or perhaps recurring problems with an existing one, it's time to contact Dickmeyer and Company. If you don’t have a Product Information Management System (PIM), then you are wasting time searching, updating, and publishing your product attributes.

We streamline the process.

Our service is as much about delivering a successful experience as it is delivering the product or process.

How do we do it? Many years of managing print projects and the problems that go with them has required solutions.

The system is the solution. Each project you entrust with us goes through a process that creates a plan to successfully meet or exceed your expectations with predictable results.

The process of managing expectations is what sets us apart. As a customer, you may expect to receive a level of service and quality, within a period of time, at a certain price. As your partner, suppliers also expect to provide a level of service and quality, within a period of time, at a certain price. It is when the two do not match that problems occur.

Our process helps all team members to establish concrete expectations so that everyone can be sure of what must take place to make all parties ecstatic about what is delivered.

What we do behind the scenes.

Confusing Quotes and/or invoices?
Have you ever received a one page quote that has very sketchy information? What does the price include?

An opposite problem is the quote that details multiple pages of information that includes anything anybody has ever ordered. What doesn’t the price include?

Have you ever received an invoice with additional unexpected charges or one that doesn’t match the quote you received or the purchase order? Perhaps they are legitimate or perhaps they are unfair. We do the digging for the answers before you ask the questions.

Whatever the case, it takes time to find out the answers and our customers often don't even know a problem existed.

Our job is to help you discover what you need or want and to help you find a way to get it. Then, it becomes our job to negotiate the best price (not necessarily lowest), best delivery (not necessarily fastest), and best quality (as determined by your budget and goals with this project) in step with what you determined are your expectations and needs.

Our goal is to eliminate the ambiguity of expectation.